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A short link expands your horizons.

In the right hands, short links can be a powerful marketing tool. In addition to providing a link, you also provide a channel to connect your customer with their online destiny. Not only can you make it easier for people to remember and share your link, but it is also a terrific way to drive traffic to your site. Shorten a URL link and gain insight into your customer’s behavior.

The art of smart targeting

Direct your customers to a relevant page to increase your reach. Your social media ad campaign can be retargeted with a pixel to capture those users.

Analytical Insights

Measure the performance of your marketing campaign by sharing your links. Make sure you identify and cater to your business's right audience.

Top-notch Digital Experience

Provide a non-intrusive customer experience without disengaging them with powerful tools that increase conversions.

Take your sales & marketing to the next level with teenyurl

You shouldn't have to struggle to create, share, and monitor your links. Increase your conversions by understanding your users and customers. Everything can be tracked using our system. Teenyurl provides you with a comprehensive data set of clicks, countries, and referrers—helping you work faster and more intelligently—so you can enjoy the taste of success.

  • Redirection Tools
  • Powerful Statistics
  • Beautiful Profiles
Perfect for sales & marketing
The tools you need to succeed

By smartly retargeting your users, we let you understand their behavior and provide them with an enhanced overall experience. To reach them more effectively, we offer many powerful tools.

  • Link Management
  • Controls over privacy
  • Feature-rich dashboard
Powerful tools that work
Powerful tools that work
Get customers engaged, one QR code at a time

Whatever your QR Code needs, we have you covered with our dynamic, customizable and easy-to-use QR codes. Increase engagement and optimize your marketing strategy based on statistical analysis.

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Take your marketing strategy to the next level

Increasing your conversion rate requires understanding your users and customers. With our system, you can keep track of everything. Whether you want to analyze clicks, countries, or referrers, you can find the data you're looking for and develop an optimized marketing strategy.

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Features beyond what was asked for

Custom Landing Page

Engage your users in your marketing campaign by creating a custom landing page for your product or service.

CTA Overlays

The overlay tool allows you to display non-intrusive notifications, polls, or contact information on a target website. It's perfect for campaigns.

Event Tracking

Track events right when they happen by adding a custom pixel from providers like Facebook.

Team Management

You can assign specific privileges to your team members to maintain links, bundles, pages, and other features on the site.

Branded Domain Names

Shorten a link with your own domain name and gain control over your brand name and user trust.

Robust API

Using our powerful API, you can build custom applications or extend your own applications.


A Confident Approach To Marketing

Let's get you in front of your customers and get them to your business.

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